These Are The Best Ways To Stop Your Pulse With Magic Methods

Magicians need to try this effect

These Are The Best Ways To Stop Your Pulse With Magic Methods
NOTE: This post includes adult topics.

Magicians have been doing this for a while. Not enough, though. I don’t think so, anyways. We all have the power to stop our pulses. Stop our hearts from beating on command. With a friend taking our pulse as it slows and stops, watching us stop breathing and slump back lifeless.

Usually, a pulse stop involves a participant taking your pulse via your wrist. The magician does some deep breathing, closes their eyes, and then slowly stops breathing. As they do so, their pulse slows to a complete stop.

Why do I like this trick so much? Well, for a start—no one is doing it. Wouldn’t it be nice to do something no one else is doing? Secondly, it’s bloody good. There’s something so visceral about it. We’ve all thought about death, and we’ve all exercised and felt our pulse rate increase or tried to lower it when stressed. It has the same vibes as holding your breath for a stunt but with more magical and higher stakes.

There are downsides—most notably, that only one person can fully experience the trick. That’s the person taking your pulse. The rest of the viewers will need to trust the hero participant to find the trick interesting or fooling. You might wonder if this is different to watching almost any other mentalism routine. Well, yes, because stopping your pulse can’t help but feel more impossible than reading someone’s mind. It's funny that—because if you think about it long as hard, it should be the other way around.