David Blaine's New Magic Tricks on The Tonight Show

David Blaine is back on The Tonight Show to perform show-stopping tricks and stunts.

Magician David Blaine stabs a deck of cards for Jimmy Fallon in magic trick
David Blaine w/ Dogstar, Jimmy Fallon, & The Roots

In his next stop on a seemingly endless media tour, David Blaine swung by Studio 6B in Rockefeller Center to further promote his new Vegas show David Blaine: IMPOSSIBLE on Jimmy Fallon’s program. Usually, Blaine’s appearance on The Tonight Show takes the place of the musical performance, but this time he was invited on the couch as a proper guest. 

He mused about a hiccup in a previous show before performing incredibly fooling hands-off magic and a small-scale stunt that took my breath away.

This appearance had all the hallmarks of a usual Blaine appearance, pairing direct magic with skin crawling moments. At this point, he has been featured on the show so many times that the show has compiled his best moments to be watched concurrently.

From regurgitating frogs, to sewing his mouth shut, to snorting up a few nails, the compilation has every staple of Blaine’s repertoire. His next media appearance will crop up soon, and we’ll make sure to report on it here first.

And he's not just performing new live shows. He's coming back to streaming platforms with a new National Geographic doc. David Blaine's new show will be arriving soon Disney+.