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David Blaine's New Disney+ Series "Beyond Belief": Everything We Know

Find out about Blaine's new magic documentary series from Nat Geo and Disney+.

David Blaine & Disney + Logo: Mockup

Special after special, David Blaine has pushed the boundaries of what we think magic can be. But it's been a while since we've seen the famous street magician grace our television screens. It's left many wondering when we'll see a new special from Blaine and what his next TV show might be about.

Then, as part of the Nat Geo presentation at the TV Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Nat Geo content president Courteney Monroe gave us the answers we needed. Blaine and his team are working on a new documentary series.

In his next project, an episodic series named Beyond Belief for Disney+, Blaine adventures to otherwise unexplored corners of the world to meet their occupants and learn unique rituals. Little is known about the show, but it's bound to astonish in unexpected ways.

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