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David Blaine Announces New Live Show: IMpossible at Wynn

Everything magicians need to know about Blaine's new Vegas residency.

David Blaine holding ace of spades in front of eye
David Blaine

David Blaine is full of surprises, and he just dropped his most recent gem for the public as he announced his second Las Vegas residency, “David Blaine: IMPOSSIBLE”.

This announcement came seemingly out of nowhere on Blaine’s Instagram, paired with a highlight reel of David’s performances for several famous faces and clips from some of his most famous stunts. Here’s what we know for sure about the upcoming show, but a lot is still yet to be discovered.

What we know right now is that the show at the Wynn Casino currently has dates through the end of December 2023 and February, March, and May 2024. The dates are scattered throughout the months, mainly on weekends, with only twelve dates being announced thus far.

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