Watch Dynamo on The Diary of a CEO Podcast: Full Video

Dynamo pulls back the curtain on his life in a rare raw interview that shines light on the adversity he's faced throughout his career.

Watch Dynamo on The Diary of a CEO Podcast: Full Video
Dynamo and the crew of The Diary of a CEO

Recently, we reported on Dynamo’s recent resurgence into the public eye with his “Dynamo is Dead” special premiering. In one of the most personal interviews he has ever given, the performer sits down with host Steven Barlett on his podcast “The Diary of a CEO”.

The interview details both his life up until this point and unearths a lot of trauma from the past few years. This is probably the most vulnerable Dynamo has ever been, and if you wish to learn more about his struggle be warned that the interview dives deep on the topics of abuse and self-harm.

It’s important for anyone of public status to share their story when they find it comfortable so that everyone going through a similar situation can feel seen. All of this turmoil in his life has faced the magician with the question, “Am I still Dynamo?” and in the interview, he confronts that question head-on.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a media appearance without a few tricks, and Dynamo obliges at the end, which lightens the spirits of the crew. After his special, it’s safe to say that Dynamo is a completely new performer that should be treated as an entirely new entity.

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