What's The Most Popular Playing Card To Force?

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What's The Most Popular Playing Card To Force?
Card Selection Examples

I studied media as a teenager. Some of us loved the class, but the majority were only there expecting the class to be easy. It was much easier than the science and math classes. Media is a great subject I recommend anyone take. You’re forced to question the media in every format—why things are the way they are and what the producers' intentions might be.

I can strongly recall my media studies teacher getting into an argument with a girl in the class. This girl chose media because she presumed it to be easy. For her, it wasn’t easy to wrap her head around.

The argument was over a specific red dress worn by an actor in a movie. We were being taught that red connotes lust and romance, and that’s why the costume department and director chose the color and fit.

The unruly student was having none of this. Yapping across the classroom that “maybe they just liked the red dress, and it was the only one that fit.” The teacher insisted she was wrong and that everything you see on screen was carefully decided upon by a professional.