How to Speed Up a Watch With Your Mind?

It can even be a borrowed wrist watch.

How to Speed Up a Watch With Your Mind?

Last week, we discussed the limited expectations of an audience. This week, we’re going to blow those expectations out of the water with a new magic trick. The following works with a borrowed watch, and it looks as good as it reads.

The magician borrows a spectator’s watch.

They place it down fairly on the restaurant table.

The spectator names a random number.

The magician makes a magical gesture.

Suddenly, the hands on the watch begin to spin.

They spin ten times faster than usual.

The hands whirl around the watch face at speed.

Finally, they stop after moving the named number of minutes.

— that’s it, that’s the trick.

Let’s learn the secret.

This tool can speed up any analog watch and can be triggered remotely.

I found it a while back when I was looking into performing a time machine plot with a borrowed watch. That thought process led to this method I previously taught. But not before it led me to this nifty tool that will speed up any analog watch. It looks magical when you see it in action.

This post is for magicians only

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