What Happened to Dynamo: Where is the Magician Now?

Everything you need to know about the British TV street magician Dynamo: from his TV series to best-selling arena tour shows.

Magician Dynamo (Steven Frayne) in blue studio with dramatic lighting on face
Dynamo Magician

Dynamo, aka Steven Frayne, is one of the UK’s top magicians. His TV series, Magician Impossible, ran for four seasons from 2011-2014. He followed that up with his Seeing is Believing tour. Dynamo has walked on water, made a cell phone appear inside a glass bottle, levitated children, and more.

The Stunt

There’s a difference between big name magicians and everyone else–clarity of effect. When your author set out to research this article, the first thing that came up was “Dynamo to be killed on live TV.” Say what you want–that’s epic. Same with Copperfield vanishing the moon. Feel free to criticize them, but while you’re practicing your double lift, Copperfield is making the moon disappear, and Dynamo is defying death. The greats are great for a reason. 

Is Dynamo going to be killed on live TV?

One would assume that Dynamo won’t actually be killed on live TV. However, his new two-hour special, set to debut on December 14th, 2023, is called “Dynamo is Dead.” Apparently, it ends with a stunt where he’ll bury himself alive, “laying Dynamo to rest.”

In his hype video, Frayne says, “To do something I’ve never done, I have to become someone I’ve never been: Myself.” 

At age 40, it’s certainly possible that he’s abandoning the “Dynamo” personality and opting to be himself, Steven Frayne. It’s an interesting middle-age trend. We’ve seen David Blaine and Derren Brown (your name must start with D if you’re going to be a famous magician), both get more personable with age. And it looks like Dynamo is ready for the next chapter of his career. 

When Will Dynamo Be Killed on Live TV?

Dynamo’s stunt is December 14th, 2023, on Sky TV in the UK. The exact details are unclear–which makes for a very interesting watch. 

Does Dynamo have Crohn's Disease?

Yes. Dynamo has been open about his battle with Crohn’s Disease. It kept him from the stage many times. His success in the face of constant pain shows how resilient he is. 

Does Dynamo Still Perform?

Dynamo is on a current break from public performances, though it’s unknown if he’s taken corporate and private gigs. His new stunt, though, is clearly a return to the stage in some capacity. 

Is Dynamo Going on Tour?

This much is unknown–although his new TV appearance suggests he’s gearing up for something. His 2015 Seeing is Believing tour proves that he’s capable of selling out arenas. He was the first magician to headline the O2 in London, and sold 750,000 tickets between the UK, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. 

Spoilers: What You Missed in Dynamo’s New TV Special
Find out what happened in Dynamo is Dead on Sky TV. The British magicians returned to the screen in a 2-hour event.