Trigg Watson's Tech Magic is Taking Over: Interview

Los Angeles tech magician Trigg Watson's AGT audition is going viral. He reveals his secrets in this interview.

Los Angeles Magician Trigg Watson headshot with brown jacket
Magician Trigg Watson

Alright, gather 'round folks because we've got a magician who's rewriting the whole darn script! Meet Los Angeles magician Trigg Watson, your not-so-typical magician who's swapping decks of cards for iPads and rabbits for robots. He's not just pulling rabbits out of hats; he's pulling futuristic wonderment out of the digital age, and he's got audiences from London to Vegas absolutely floored.

He's been the star of TV shows like "Don't Blink" on Pop TV and has even given Penn & Teller a run for their money on "Fool Us." He's performed on "Masters of Illusion" over on the CW and even braved the spotlight recently on "America's Got Talent". He even worked on Netflix's "Magic for Humans" as a creative consultant.

He grew up in Australia, but these days he's based in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. He caught the magic bug from a magician at a pal's 4-year-old birthday bash, and boy, did he catch it good. He dove headfirst into books on magic and practised like there was no tomorrow. In 2001, his family made the big leap from Down Under to the USA.

Nowadays, he's busy performing across the country with his act that fuses technology and magic together. Trigg was kind enough to answer our questions.

When were you most starstruck?

Seeing David Copperfield's touring show live for the first time. I was 13 years old.

What is your favourite magic trick?

Whatever one I'm working on developing. The joy is in the creative process.

Who is the most famous person you could text right now?

Justin Willman.

Do you have a nickname?

Yes. It's "Trig" with one "g." Not everyone has my permission to call me that.

Has a trick you perform ever gone wrong?

Oh yes. My show is pretty technically complex, so I have gotten used to having contingency plans for most of my pieces. That way, the show doesn't grind to a halt if there is a glitch of some sort.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Eddie Redmayne.

How much is a pint of thumb tips?

How much do I think one pint costs? Ten dollars. But its value? Priceless.

When did a magic trick most fool you?

David Copperfield's Portal illusion. I was completely transported and followed the emotional journey of the piece, despite the fact that my logical brain knew that someone couldn't actually be teleported to Hawaii. I believed and felt pure astonishment.

What books do you recommend?

The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker
The Creative Act by Rick Rubin
Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman
The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharpe

Where is the strangest place you've ever performed magic?

In the back of a complete stranger's car at 4 am to thank them for driving me to a train station when no Ubers/taxis were available.

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