Ellusionist Discount Code! Plus, a List of Their Best Magic Tricks

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Ellusionist Playing Cards on a shelf in deck display
Ellusionist Playing Cards

Unlike large sites like Vanishing Inc and Penguin, Ellusionist carries far fewer tricks, often produced by the site itself. However, as magic advertising can be incredibly deceptive, it’s important to sift through the noise and see what’s actually good. If you’ve been looking to buy from Ellusionist, we’ve made a list of tricks you can’t go wrong with.

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Speaking of gravity, here’s another Ellusionist trick using just that. This is a version of the famous trick Color Match but without any fancy electronics. As someone who has had even the recent Anvderdi color match fail on stage, this is a legitimately good deal. Any time you can eliminate electronics, you add safety to your show. Derren Brown talks about it in his new book, and we all know it intuitively: mechanical methods are better.

Divine and Divide

Christian Grace is always a safe bet. With releases that broke the magic community like SwitchONE, LevelONE, and Pluck, you know that Grace can deliver. And deliver he does, with a totally clean, out of the hands, card mind-reading effect. The nice part? Not only is it squeaky clean, it’s literally $9, making it a very reasonable investment for curious souls. If you’re looking for a new magician-fooler, this is it.


Again, we only want to recommend products we can trust, and it’s easy to trust Mark Calabrese. His trick OSYN allows you to make any named card appear in a spectator’s hand, and it’s got a very reasonable price tag on it. Calabrese is regularly performing at Speakeasy Magick in New York 3-4 nights a week, and when you buy a trick from him, you know you’re getting something from a seasoned pro.

Inside the Vault

Does it get more reliable than Dani Daortiz? In this download, you’ll learn seven tricks for just $30 from one of magic’s masters. A student of Juan Tamariz, Dani consistently produces thoughtful, fooling card magic. We also like the value of this product. You can buy individual tricks for $100+, but you can get seven tricks with an ordinary deck from a master for just $30. That’s an amazing deal, and we’d be remiss not to recommend it.

Again, we should emphasize that magic trailers are often deceptive and try to separate you from your money, which is why we’ve only chosen products with reliable methods from creators with a proven track record. We hope you enjoy these tricks.