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The 5 Best Methods for Lottery Prediction Magic Tricks

The definitive list of magic trick methods for the stunt that was made famous by illusionists like Derren Brown.

Photo by Alejandro Garay / Unsplash

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Do you remember when Derren Brown predicted the lottery? He did it on live television, and it was brilliant. Why are lottery predictions so fantastic? Well, I think it’s because if anyone could predict the future, what would they do? They’d predict the lottery, so this effect is what magic consultants call “wish fulfilment.”

Here are some of the best-published lottery methods:

Natural Lottery

Anthony Owen was a brilliant thinker and influential mentalist. He made magic television for Derren Brown. His lottery method is a delight and uses two clever magic principles. It can be performed solo but requires some skill and audience management. The numbers can be freely selected, but the ticket cannot be played.

The Lottery Ticket

Nate Staniforth is an incredible storyteller. A decade ago, he released a limited-edition book on lottery methods. He’s credited with inventing the modern lottery ticket effect. The book sold out and is now impossible to find. David Blaine performed Nate’s effect on T.V. The methods are fooling, with free selections and tickets that can’t be played with immediately.

Ceseral CUPP

At $1,600, this CUPP printer is a tool some big-name magicians use. The small device connects to an app and is used for prediction effects like the lottery. The product's creator is so secretive that you must email him to get a product description. As you can imagine, the numbers can be freely selected, but the lottery ticket cannot be played immediately, and it relies on Bluetooth.

Master Prediction Balls

The Master Prediction System costs $4,000. It’s so good that you’ll see famous magicians performing it on television. Unusually a box is hung above the stage, and when it’s lowered, a written prediction on a scroll or folded paper gets revealed. Instead of paper, you can use latex lottery balls with printed numbers. The numbers can be freely selected, and you can reveal matching lottery balls in the perspex tube inside the box. There’s no lottery ticket, though.

The Lottery Prediction

If you want to amaze people with a lottery prediction effect, why not get The Lottery Prediction? It’s self-working and hands-off. The perk of this method is that it’s the only one in this list with a genuine printed lottery ticket that the spectators can keep and perhaps even win big with. Part of what makes this possible is that the numbers are not freely selected but “forced.”