How Did Murphy's Get Our Email Data?

Magicians are wondering how Murphy's Magic got their private data. We might have discovered the secret.

Hooded person at laptop with screenshots of murphy's emails and magic cafe forum in background

Before we get into this, on Monday, the 21st, we contacted Murphy's founder for comment on this story. Murphy's did not respond. We also emailed The Magic Cafe's owner on Monday, and their response is included below.

A while ago, we received an unexpected marketing email from Murphy's, the magic industry's wholesaler. If you've ever bought a magic trick from a shop, good or bad, the trick was likely distributed by Murphy's Magic.

You may have heard about their in-house production studio, which produces original magic tricks with creators like Craig Petty (and me, too, ten years ago).

As great as their production team is, Murphy's core business is wholesale. Founded in 1998 by Mark Murphy, it has served as the backbone of the magic industry and stocks roughly 13,000 different items.

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