How To Do Magic Tricks: Beginner Advice

Want to know where to learn magic tricks online? It can overwhelm new magicians, so Max breaks down the basics.

Playing cards dropping from one hand to another
Playing Card Shuffle

Magic is an incredibly secretive world, and it’s difficult to navigate. There are a million places to learn, and each new trick promises perfection (even though this is almost never the case in reality). Ellusionist just launched a new Kickstarter project with a brilliant course on card magic for beginners and pros (take a look via our affiliate link here).

We're feeling inspired to look at all the ways new magicians can discover and learn new tricks. So, if you’re a beginner, here are five steps to do magic tricks: 

1: Choose one place to start

Maybe this is a magic book with a bunch of tricks. Maybe it’s a download with seven tricks. But choose one book or a video tutorial with a few tricks at your level that you can work through. Be sure to buy the best cards for magicians, and get ready to learn a thing or two.

2: Learn everything

Once you’ve chosen your book or a download, learn everything on it. It doesn’t matter if you think you’ll perform it or not–learn literally everything. When you’re starting in magic, you’re trying to widen your base of knowledge. No knowledge is bad, especially in the beginning. Later in your career, you’ll probably choose to specialize in something. But for now, take something and run with it. 

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