Enigma by Christian Grace: Where to buy and how much will it cost? Revealed

New details for the most hyped magic product of the year.

Christian Grace Enigma promo shot touching fingers with logo over the image
Christian Grace Enigma: @adamhillsphotography

Mentalism is at its best when stripped down to its bare bones. The less procedure involved, the more direct the impact. Christian Grace’s new effect Enigma seems to be the closest thing to real mind reading we’ve seen yet. The biggest names in magic are currently raving about the groundbreaking effect before it has even been released. Below are new exclusive details shared by Grace, including the price of the most hyped magic product of the decade.

Currently, a daunting countdown clock sits on Enigma’s website, ticking down to its September 4th release date. Although we don’t know the specifics of the routine, what can be gathered from the teaser and reviews is the participant thinks of two completely random words and without writing anything down or saying anything aloud, the thought is plucked from their mind as the magician or mentalist relays the words back to them. That’s it.

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