Asi Wind's Inner Circle Hits 400 Show Mark: Final Dates

Asi Wind's off-Broadway show Inner Circle just hit the 400 show mark as the residency is coming to its end.

Magician Asi Wind performs with a deck of cards to a spectator in New York show Inner Circle
Asi Wind

In August we reported on the progress of Asi Wind’s off-Broadway show Inner Circle. On December 2nd the show officially passed 400 performances in its run that has lasted a little over a year. The show has held a lot of success critically and has rightfully brought light to a name in magic that in the past has been labeled as “underground” and a “hidden gem”.

If you haven’t heard of Inner Circle up until this point, you’re really missing out. The intimate show starts with everyone in the audience signing a card which are all culled to create the deck used for the night. Instead of picking cards, names are chosen which brings an incredible amount of weight to every selection.

The names of people in the audience have extended past magic greats like Mac King and Teller to some of the most famous creatives working today like filmmaker JJ Abrams and television personality Whoopi Goldberg. Although these are all well-known names worldwide, for about an hour they represented one of many cards that were shuffled and divined for that night’s inner circle.

The crew behind the show, mainly consisting of recent Tannen’s Magic Camp attendees, has helped to propel this show to new heights. The show has benefitted from stellar set creation from David Calamari, stunning camera work for promos from Hal Schulman, and magical and additional technical direction from Jacob Greenwald, Tom Gibney, Danny Winter, Charlie Phillips, and many others. 

The magic created by the team has been seen nationally on The View and The Kelly Clarkson Show. Each performance showed a little taste of the show whether it was with the personalized deck of cards or an incomplete puzzle of Kelly Clarkson’s dog Henry. Asi’s wit and steamroll style of magic was on full display every appearance and helped to keep the show alive.

Can I still catch Inner Circle live?

Inner Circle has seen exactly six extensions, but Asi in an Instagram post made it very clear that this is the very last extension for the show so that he can work on other projects. If you want to catch the show, make sure you make it out to The Gym at Judson in New York City before January 14th when the curtains are closed for the final time. Tickets are nearly sold out for all of the remaining shows, so act quickly to get your seat and become a part of Asi’s Inner Circle.

What’s next for Asi after the show?

As Asi’s Inner Circle begins to close, it’s almost time to look ahead for what’s next for him. Although future projects have been teased, there has been no confirmation as to what anything might entail. It could be a new book, a new live show, or even a television program where he’s in the limelight. 

Whatever the next project ends up being, don’t expect it to be anything less than incredible because of Asi’s established prowess. We will definitely tune in, and so should you.