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Watch: Asi Wind Shocks The View with Inner Circle Tricks

New York magician Asi Wind impressed The View's hosts and audience with a taste of his new off-Broadway show.

Asi Wind: Screenshot

Asi Wind joined the hosts of The View to give a little snippet of his off-Broadway show. Asi showcased his seemingly improvisational signature style of magic that, in actuality, is meticulously planned out beat by beat. Names of hosts and audience members were found, divined from thin air, and even legal name changes were predicted.

For good reason, Asi’s show Inner Circle is now extended through January 2024. Instead of shoehorning in a narrative in hopes of relating to his audience, Asi turns the spotlight on his spectators by asking each individual to sign a blank playing card. Everybody’s unique cards compromise the deck used for the entirety of the show, which makes for an enthralling experience where you're kept wondering, am I next to be picked?

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