Dynamo Performs Magic on Sky Sports: Full Video

Watch Dynamo's new tricks as he gears up for his new Buried Live TV specials.

Magician Dynamo uses fire for a trick with sports personality Jamie Carragher
Dynamo and Jamie Carragher

It has been a while since we’ve seen anything at all from Dynamo. On the heels of his announcement of his new special Dynamo is Dead, he made a public appearance that showcased his dextrous, flashy style of magic. Dynamo immediately jumps into his set with a flash of fire before displaying some of his most popular card routines. His staple shuffle also makes an appearance as an interlude between card feats. 

Even the normally stone-faced football coach Roy Keane cracked a smile or two at Dynamo’s performance. His normal critique of players normally points to the fact that it’s their job to play the sport, so they better be doing it well. Keane makes a similar remark towards Dynamo, which gets a big laugh, but he also admits he wasn’t able to spot any of the secret moves that were executed right under his nose.

We can most likely expect a slew of Dynamo media appearances in the coming months. It’s always a pleasure to see Dynamo on our television screens, especially after he recently overcame arthritis that stopped him from even being able to shuffle a deck of cards. Whatever program he’s on next, we’ll be tuning in.