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Derren Brown's Secret Message for Theatre Goers

Derren is off on tour and he's got a new video message for those with tickets.

Promotional Tour Video

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Derren is at his very best on stage. His one-man shows have received wide critical acclaim and more Olivier wins and nominations than any other in history.

Now with his first brand new theatre show in six years, he returns to astonish and amaze audiences up and down the country. The content of Showman remains a closely-guarded secret, but if you’ve seen him before, you know you’re in for a powerhouse treat.

“All I can reveal at this point is that the show will ultimately be about you, the audience member because that’s what I find most interesting. There are places I’d like to take you where we haven’t been before. I always aim to have it deliver more than you’d expect. I’m excited to be at the starting point of that process. Getting it on the road will be my favourite part of the year.” – Derren Brown.

Derren is being true to his word and has begun sharing promotional videos for each step of the tour. He’s seen each video in a rehearsal room, encouraging theatre-goers to bring a small personal object with them. The item must fit inside their hands and be of personal significance.

Are you off to see Derren on tour, or have you been already? Let us all know.