Watch David Blaine Fool Professional Athletes: Full Video

David Blaine stops by The Eli Manning Show to demonstrate killer sleight of hand with just a deck of cards that leaves everyone in the room astonished.

Magician David Blaine performs impossible card tricks for retired American football atheletes.
David Blaine

Here at OneAhead we are committed to sharing with you each and every David Blaine public appearance we come across, and yet again the famous magician has popped up on another show. This time, he took the stage alongside American football stars Eli Manning, Shaun O’Hara, Amani Toomer, and Victor Cruz to demonstrate his killer sleight of hand.

This appearance shows Blaine back to the basics with just a deck of cards absolutely blowing the former player’s minds. There are old classics that you may have seen before, but David’s top tier execution and delivery makes even a mundane card trick riveting.


The recent set of media appearances has proven how deep David’s bag of tricks goes. It’s no venture to say we haven’t even scratched the surface of what he can achieve both with his body and dexterity.

Still, later this year he has a television show and a Vegas residency both set to premiere that will most likely have an entirely new batch of magic and stunts. This is the fifth appearance we’ve reported on in the span of three months, and we’re hoping it won’t be the last.