A New Light And Heavy Box Method

In today’s paid post, we break down a classic of magic. Plus, learn the secret for an impossible light and heavy card box trick with items you already have at home.

A New Light And Heavy Box Method

‘Light and Heavy’ is actually a rather wonderful magic effect. Often, the magician will place a box down on the stage or table. With some subtle suggestion and hypnosis (and a great big magnet or locking mechanism), the spectator is unable to lift the box.

There’s something so relatable about it. We’ve all, at some point, wished we could lift something beyond our strength. The idea of being given more strength or having it stripped away is something from the tales we’re told as children.

You learn a lot about a performer by whether they perform light and heavy as stripping away someone’s strength or giving them new strength — allowing them to lift something they never could.

There’s a trick I came up with as a teen at school. A card is selected and returned to the deck, which is then returned to the box. The spectator either pinches the deck or holds it flat in their hand.

As the magician brings their hands closer to the deck, the spectator will swear that the box is getting lighter and lighter (it really is).

Finally, the magician opens the box to reveal just one card inside — the spectator’s selected card.

You’ll kick yourself when you find out the method. It only works on one person, but it really works. The box genuinely feels like it’s getting lighter.

Okay — here’s the method.

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