Video: Stage Illusions on Canada's "The Social" with Young & Strange

Magician duo Young and Strange perform grand illusions on the The Social stage including cutting a host into multiple pieces

Magician duo Young and Strange stand in front of Andrea Bain after she was cut in half by an illusion
Young & Strange: The Social

Young and Strange brought their grand stage illusions to The Social in a recent media appearance to promote their new show. Usually, magicians stick to smaller illusions, but Young and Strange dialled up both the scale and impossibility factor with a shrinking human illusion and a take on sawing someone in half

Both of the routines awed the hosts of the show and even left co-host Andrea Bain in multiple pieces. The duo was on the morning program to promote The Champions of Magic, their ensemble show that is now touring both the United States and Canada.

Other magicians that round out the cast include Alex McAleer, Hollie England, and Fernando Velasco. All of these performers bring their unique specialities to each performance but always end up teaming up for a group routine.

Young and Strange have made a flurry of news appearances lately, and if this performance entranced you, their other performances can be found on their Instagram page (@youngandstrange) or live on tour.