Why Does "America's Got Talent" Love Magic?

Magic features in 11 (429m views) of the top 50 AGT YouTube videos. Did the sudden move to online content drive AGT's change in mindset towards magicians?

Why Does "America's Got Talent" Love Magic?
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Magic does incredibly well on TV and social media for several genetic reasons.

“Got Talent” loves magic. But they didn’t always. Back in the day, Simon Cowell was known to absolutely hate magic. That was until Got Talent began posting clips on the popular video site, YouTube—you may have heard of it.

Magic travels well.

“Travel” is a television term that means the content can be watched anywhere in the world, and often in any language. A good example of a television show that travels well is “You’ve Been Framed” or “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Content that travels well is also very easy to syndicate. Syndication is when a show is sold to multiple countries around the world. It’s a little like how McDonalds restaurants pop up around the world with slightly different logos and adjusted menus to fit the taste of the local market.