What happened to Penn & Teller: Where is the magic duo now?

Everything you need to know about comedy magic duo Penn & Teller's long career: from Fool Us to their best-selling Las Vegas show.

Magicians Penn and Teller sit next to their hollywood star on the walk of fame
Penn & Teller: Hollywood Star

Penn and Teller are Magic’s most famous duo act. They first performed together on August 19th, 1975, at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Nearly 50 years later, they’re still going. Their longevity is due to relentless creativity and drive for originality. 

How Long Have Penn and Teller Performed at The Rio?

Penn and Teller have performed at The Rio since 2001, making them the longest–running Vegas headliners of all time. 

Are Penn and Teller members of the Magic Circle?

No. One of the main rules of the Magic Circle (a prestigious magic society based in London, England), is that members do not reveal their secrets. Because Penn and Teller have revealed secrets on stage–always in a thoughtful and theatrical manner, however–they have been refused membership. 

Why does Teller not talk?

Teller does not speak on stage, a key part of the duo’s appeal. Likewise, Penn and Teller are honest on stage–Penn is loud-mouthed and unafraid to make a point. And while Teller doesn’t speak, he still has a huge stage presence. 

While most magicians try to keep secrets from people, Penn and Teller are keen on letting their audiences in and respecting their intelligence. While audiences enjoy this, some magicians do not, hence their ban from the Magic Circle.

Are Penn and Teller Still Friends?

By all accounts, yes. While there have been many rumours throughout the years of conflicts between the duo, if that’s the case, they keep it well hidden. 

Do Penn and Teller still perform in Vegas?

Yes–Penn and Teller perform nightly at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. While Teller’s back surgeries have forced him off stage a number of times, Michael Carbonaro generally fills in. 

Is Fool Us still running? 

Penn and Teller: Fool Us is on its 10th season. They’ve moved onto their third host, Brooke Burke, and are showing no signs of slowing down. Fool Us is a huge boon for magicians, giving them a massive platform and national television credit. Many magicians have performed on Fool Us multiple times, suggesting they’re running out of potential acts. However, the show’s format supports repeat acts, and the duo has made no indication that they intend to end the show. 

Did Something Happen to Teller?

From 2018-19, Teller had three heart surgeries. In 2022, he underwent quadruple bypass heart surgery. Despite this, Teller is back on stage, and by all indications, is in good health. Teller clearly wants to be on stage–he’s had every reason to quit. But he’s one of the most resilient performers working today. 

How Much Longer Will Penn and Teller Perform? 

Penn is 68 years old, and Teller is 75. But their performing schedule would suggest that they’re in their early twenties. Neither performer has said that they’ll retire, but they’re certainly preparing for it: When they recently toured England, they called it “The First Final UK Tour,” a cheeky admission that they might stop touring, but they don’t know when. Likewise, their contract at The Rio runs until 2026, when Teller will be pushing 80. It’s reasonable to think that the end of the contract will spell retirement, though that remains to be seen.