Wes Barker's Comedy Magic: Interview

Wes is one of the most ballsy and risk-taking magicians on the planet. He stops by to share his answers and thoughts on comedy magic.

Comedy Stunt Magician Wes Barker with playing card pierced on finger
Comedy Stunt Magician Wes Barker

We're on a mission to ask every magician the same ten questions. This week, it's the outrageous Wes Barker. The Canadian magician is best known for his crazy magic stunts, pranks and party tricks.

His live show features amazing magic tricks, crazy stunts, crowd interaction, and comedy from start to finish. Whether it is a live show in a theatre or a virtual show in your own home, Wes creates the best time and the most fun!

Wes has performed all over the world, both live and on TV. He has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, America's Got Talent, ELLEN, Wizard Wars, and MTV's Greatest Party Stories Ever to name a few.

You can also catch Wes on his TV show! BIG TRICK ENERGY is available on HBOmax (USA), and TruTV. There are also some great free clips on YouTube, including videos in which Wes breaks down the behind-the-scenes challenges of filming the magic show.

Big thanks to Wes for answering our questions.

When were you most starstruck?

Sitting next to David Spade in an airport. I didn't say hi, and I wish I did. He's been a comedy staple in my life since I've as a kid.

What is your favourite magic trick?

Of things I did not great, it's the Classic Force. Endless awesome uses. I love it. Of the things I did create… my appearing beer can.

Who is the most famous person you could text right now?

Peter McKinnon.

Do you have a nickname?


Has a trick you perform ever gone wrong?

Absolutely. I was doing an axe-throwing trick on stage. I was "blindfolded", and in my second axe, I missed the target completely. Everyone thought it was a joke. Except for the theatre owner, who was very upset about the chunk, it took out of the stage.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

A young Scott Caan or a very young Alan Tudyk. Depending on the day I get told, I look like these guys. And I can share some personality similarities with both.

How much is a pint of thumb tips?

I have paid anywhere from $1 to $6 for a thumb tip.

When did a magic trick most fool you?

Tobias Dostal performed Optix on me the first time I met him. That got me so good. I've since had that experience multiple times hanging out with Tobias.

What books do you recommend?

Born Standing Up - Steve Martin
Life of the Party - Bert Kreischer

Where is the strangest place you've ever performed magic?

At a sex party/orgy.

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