Sonia Benito on Magic, Movement & Penelope Cruz

From her biggest inspiration, celebrity crush, and favourite magic tricks. Sonia reveals her secrets in this magic interview.

Sonia Benito on Magic, Movement & Penelope Cruz
Magian Sonia Benito

Sonia is a Spanish magician who moved to London to pursue her performing dreams at nineteen years old without being able to speak a word of English. Her skill set is diverse, working as a hip-hop and commercial dancer; she’s danced for international artists like Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, and Jack Jones.

Sonia’s magic often combines movement and choreography, and doing so puts her in high demand in the world of brands. She’s consulted and performed in campaigns for Samsung, Adidas, Rimmel London, Nespresso, Voxi, Sky Glass and more!

She's a rising star and set to make a huge difference in the way magic is perceived for future generations. This is why she made One Ahead's list of Ones to Watch: 2022. It's also why we asked her to drop by and answer our questions!

When were you most starstruck?

When I met Rihannah at the end of her British Awards Rehearsals in 2016. She came to my group to ask how we were and to say that all the Uber in London would be very happy. As they were getting Ubers for us to come back home as rehearsals finish VERY late. She is as gorgeous and cool as you see her on tv, and also very, very tall! My life was complete.

Another time was when I worked with Cara Delavigne in a Rimmel London commercial. 1 to 1 with her teaching her how to finger tut. hahaha. Glad she was also very cool and fun.

What is your favourite magic trick?

On the top of my head right now... my special and favourite tricks:

  • I do a version of Stigmata that is my one to go when they get to know me a bit more, and it is a really special moment for them.
  • Heartbeat by Juan Colas. It is just magical.
  • TOMMY WONDER, ring watch wallet for stage magic.
  • Imagination Coins by Garrett Thomas. ( or anything from Garrett is amazing)

There are LOADS MORE! but these tricks are the ones that come to the top of my head right now.

Who is the most famous person you could text right now?

  • Diana Matos (hip-hop dancer)
  • Jorge Blass (Spanish magician)
  • David Williamson.
  • Joel M.

Sorry, I couldn't say only one, hahaha!

Do you have a nickname?

People sometimes called me "Son". Some people are too lazy to say, Sonia, hahaha. Nah, they say it in an affectionate way, so I find it cute. Some friends back home called me Sonica. But that's about it.

Has a trick you perform ever gone wrong?

yeah! hahahahaha, but I usually have a plan B.... and this happens in close-up magic. Never on stage (that would give me a panic attack), haha, I will have to check everything 10,000 times to make sure it will work.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

I wish to say, Angelina Jolie? (maybe cause I have a crush on her, LOL). people said that my energy matches the girl who plays Nairobi in Money Heist. I wish I could say some badass actress. Penelope Cruz is who I want to say. hahaha.

How much is a pint of thumb tips?

Hmmmm, about 20 pounds?? Cause I don’t think it could fit many of them in a pint! Hahaha.

When did a magic trick most fool you?

When Derren Brown performs in general. He is a great inspiration. David Williamson, despite being one of my best friends... AMAZES ME every time. Justin Willman, as I love his personality. I am here for great personalities, really.

What books do you recommend?

I am not a fan of reading, but here you have 2 great ones:

  • Scripting magic. (Helps me a lot as my background is as a hip-hop dancer...) so it helped me learn to express myself through words instead of my body.
  • The Psychology of Magic by Alice Pailhes and Gustav Kuhn.

Where is the strangest place you've ever performed magic?

I guess at the parties in my village? Unfortunately, I don't have an interesting story for this one. But to be honest, performing magic anywhere is strange!

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