Learn A Trick: Make A Signed Coin Appear Anywhere

Plus some musings on creativity.

Learn A Trick: Make A Signed Coin Appear Anywhere

The magician asks their friend for a quarter. Without touching the coin, they hand the friend a Sharpie and ask them to draw a smiley face upon it. When they are done, the magician carefully takes the coin and writes the spectator’s initials on the other side.

Next comes the vanish; right at the fingertips, the coin seems to melt into thin air. Pausing just long enough to let the vanish sink in, the magician leads the friend across the room.

At the far side, resting on a table is the spectator’s phone. Before the magician can point it out, the spectator notices that their phone is hovering millimeters above the table. Something is under the phone—it’s the coin. The magician hasn’t been anywhere near the phone. In fact, they gesture for the spectator to carefully lift it up off the coin.

The friend reacts with joy as the phone is removed to reveal their quarter with their initials upon it. The magician picks up the coin and delicately flips it over to reveal the smiley face on the other side. It’s worth noting that the magician is wearing short sleeves and their hands are totally empty besides the coin as they show both sides.

What’s amazing is that you can immediately hand out the coin to the friend for a thorough inspection.

That’s it, that’s the trick.

The Secret

It’s so devilishly simple, and I love it so much. You can carry this with you and be ready always. Let’s get into the secret…

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