The Power of Old Magic Magazines: Revealed

This is why you'll always regret throwing them away and how magicians can switch offline and find gold inside old magic magazines.

Stacks of old books and magazines
Photo by Carles Rabada / Unsplash

Rory has tasked me with writing an evergreen article. So here’s an article about why you can’t throw away any magic magazines, lecture notes or scribbles Dani DaOrtiz made on a beer mat in the Ruskin.

So evergreen, you’ll probably have to ask your inbuilt AI assistant who I was. 'Alexia: who was Abel from Kane & Abel?' A quick skim of my Wikipedia page will reveal I fulfilled all my magical ambitions before dying in the cold embrace of my robot wife, aged 118.

Talking of death. The total opposite of evergreen, I’ll admit but still essential for this piece. My grandfather died surrounded by decades worth of Linking Ring, Budget, Magicgram, Genii, Abra, Magic, Pentagram and Popularmagic magazines.

Reading these magazines and learning the published tricks within had been one of his great life passions. He’d passed some of them down to my brother, and I - who I perform the Kane & Abel act with - but now I own them all. I felt I owed it to my granddad to make sure there weren’t any secrets too good to lose in these old magazines.

I opened a Linking Ring magazine. I slightly hoped to find the tricks were so tired, out-of-date and hackneyed that I wouldn’t need to check anymore.

The opposite happened.

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