Meet the Magicians on AGT's Fantasy League

America's Got Talent recently launched a new show with a variety of magic's stars. Read about who is on the show and how you can help them make it to the finals!

Meet the Magicians on AGT's Fantasy League
AGT Fantasy League: Poster

America’s Got Talent has given a worldwide platform to some incredible magicians over their 18 seasons on television. There have been offshoots of the popular show including America’s Got Talent: Extreme and America’s Got Talent: Champions in which Shin Lim claimed first place. 

This year has brought us yet another offshoot of the series in AGT Fantasy League, a show that pits the judges against each other as they draft acts from the past, and it has showcased some of the best magicians from the Got Talent franchise. Here’s a complete list of the acts that have graced the stage ahead of the semi-final round.

The Clairvoyants

The mind-reading duo leaned into their eccentricity as they divined multiple randomly chosen words and numbers by the judges. The routine even culminated in a callback to their first ever audition for the show in 2016.

Anna DeGuzman

We reported a few times on Anna DeGuzman’s journey after America’s Got Talent, and she is back on Fantasy League to help represent Team Howie. Her sleight of hand was on full display with a card to wallet with a clever twist and play on words.

Cillian O’Connor

O’Connor placed third in Britain’s Got Talent and this time he’s going for gold. In this performance, he started off with a few close-up miracles before pulling off a big stage illusion that put a bow on the already incredible performance.

Yu Hojin

Heidi’s Team boasted the incredible stage magic of Yu Hojin. He presented a manipulation act with pieces of paper that morph into all different sorts of objects and float around the stage. The dexterity needed to perform this routine makes it all the more impressive for magicians to watch.

Fritzy Rosmerian

Indonesia’s Got Talent sent over this 15-year-old to wow the judges with her telepathic teddy bear. Although the judges weren’t as enthusiastic for her performance as a whole, it’s still important to give chops to Rosmerian who was visiting America for the first time.

Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff has made a name for himself outside of AGT, and the only performer that can upstage him is his own dog, Mr. Piffles. As usual, Piff stole the show with a unique sandwich prediction that culminated in a reveal of a name tag attached to a piece of Heidi’s hair. And no, you did not read that wrong.

Jon Dorenbos

Jon’s inspiring story of fighting through adversity has been well documented across his journey both on AGT and within the NFL. In this performance, Jon does a classic card trick and shouts out his family for how much they’ve changed his life.

Out of these acts, the ones that remain before the semifinals air are Anna DeGuzman and Yu Hojin. Sadly, the public cannot vote to put each act through to the next round. The results have been predetermined by the audience at each taping.

Although we cannot directly support by voting our favorite acts through to the next round, still engaging with each performance is incredibly helpful to boost each act’s visibility. The more good magic that is seen on a national stage, the more the public’s perception of magicians tips favorably.