An Argument for Removing All Secrecy from Magic

Let's imagine a world with no secrets. How awful (or brilliant) that might be for the magic community.

An Argument for Removing All Secrecy from Magic
Liar Liar

Jeff McBride recently commented on a post by Oscar Owen. In Owen's post, he teaches a coin vanish (the same one your Grandad taught you).

Owen's video is not exposure unless you view free magic tutorials for open-domain tricks as exposure. He's not just revealing a secret; he teaches the trick at length to aspiring magicians. Oscar promotes himself as a professional magician and magic teacher. He has 19,000 Instagram followers.

The tutorial has been viewed 200,000 times.

Jeff McBride commented, "This is exposure and it kills magic".

Screenshots of the interaction between Owen and McBride went a little mini-viral within magic Facebook groups this week. Facebook magicians had a lot to say. For the sake of today's article, please assume we are only discussing open-domain trick tutorials aimed at people interested in learning magic.

Buckle up because it's going to get a little controversial: