Every Las Vegas Magician: Full List

Find out what magic shows are on in Las Vegas. Which Vegas magic show is the best and cheapest?

Every Las Vegas Magician: Full List
Photo by Julian Paefgen / Unsplash

If you’re wondering what kind of magic shows you can see in Las Vegas, you came to the right place. Vegas is full of some of the country’s best magicians and magic shows. You can expect to see everything from grand illusions to the world’s best close-up magic. It’s a bucket list destination for magicians and fans of magic. Read below to find out exactly who’s you’ll see on your next visit to Sin City:

Criss Angel MINDFREAK: MINDFREAK has more of a rock concert aesthetic than a magic show, but that’s what makes Angel unique–and fits the vibe of the Planet Hollywood Hotel, where the show is staged. He’s always promoted himself in a hard-to-believe, hyperbolic way, and this show is no exception. It certainly is a well-produced experience, with 25+ illusions in 90 minutes accompanied by tightly choreographed lights and music. Love him or hate him, Angel has an electric, one-of-a-kind personality.

DAVID BLAINE: IN SPADES. Blaine is a modern-day Houdini and his shows are truly legendary. From jumping off a 90-foot platform to stabbing an ice pick through his hand, Blaine incorporates real danger into his act in a way no other magician does. He’s been injured on-stage multiple times throughout his Vegas residency at Resorts World. Due to the physically demanding nature of the show, Blaine performs only twice per month. But if you can get tickets, you’ll see unbelievable stunts and magic.

David Copperfield. One of the most famous magic shows in Vegas for thirty-plus years, Copperfield’s illusions are legitimately unparalleled. We don’t want to ruin the surprises here, but the sheer scale of his illusions is worth the ticket alone (think: spaceships and dinosaurs). Copperfield famously performs hundreds of shows per year at the MGM Grand Hotel.

Harrison Greenbaum in Mad Apple. We’d be remiss not to mention Harrison Greenbaum, who became the first ever comedian to headline a Cirque Du-Soleil show. Greenbaum honed his craft in New York City, performing 600+ shows per year. His combination of magic and comedy in Mad Apple at the NY-NY Hotel and Casino is a must-see.

Mat Franco–Magic Reinvented Nightly. Franco was the first magician to win America’s Got Talent, and he’s truly capitalized on that success. With nearly seven years of shows under his belt at the Linq in the now-named Mat Franco Theater, he proved that his AGT win was not just a flash-in-the-pan. It’s also one of the more intimate magic shows in Vegas, as the theater seats only 575 people. And, as the name suggests, each show is truly different, but you’ll have to go to see why.

Piff the Magic Dragon. Often billing himself as “The Loser of America’s Got Talent,” Piff is a truly original magician, and performs one of the best and funniest shows in Vegas. Despite the apparent corniness, Piff is a highly respected magician for both his quick wit and originality. The show is absolutely worth seeing (after all, it’s the only magic show with a performing Chihuahua), and runs nightly at the Flamingo Hotel.

Penn and Teller. The most iconic duo in magic perform one of the best shows in Vegas, hands-down. While some performers do the same material year after year, P&T are known for constantly changing their setlists. Catch them at the Rio Hotel & Casino, and make sure to stick around after the show, as they do free meet-and-greets.

Shin Lim: Limitless. Another magician to win AGT, he’s headlined at The Mirage since 2019. While Lim performs exclusively close-up magic, he is one of the most talented card-magicians in the world and the specificity of the show shouldn’t turn you away. Likewise, Lim is joined by Scottish mentalist Colin Cloud for part of the show.

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show. Ask any magician who the best comedy performer in the industry is, and they’ll tell you, Mac King. King has honed his show over 23 years into a seamless and hilarious event. From his opening line of “Howdy,” to the pet guinea pig and many more surprises, King’s matinee is legitimately fun and funny for both kids and adults. When you see Mac King, you see one of magic’s all-time greats.

The Magic of Jen Kramer. Appearing at the Westgate Hotel, Kramer’s show is a blend of magic, mentalism, and comedy. Kramer initially came up through the corporate and private world, and has made a name for herself in Vegas. Racking up more than 500 performances in Vegas, Kramer shows no signs of slowing down.