This New Levitation Illusion Video Will Inspire You

Magicians: take a look at this new illusion by Angelo Roay and feel inspired.

This New Levitation Illusion Video Will Inspire You

So, I don't really care about methods. I try to avoid new and exciting methods when working with big-name magicians. My attitude towards this is that I'm paid to recommend strong, reliable, fooling magic that's cost-effective.

Nine times out of ten, the thing that ticks all these boxes is an existing method. But that doesn't mean I won't appreciate and get inspired by a great new illusion. And that's precisely what happened this week when I saw the new video below.

Credit: ConjurerMagus

I first saw it on Twitter and then later on Facebook, too.

It took a minute to get over the fact that this was the top comment:

Jim Riser: "This looks very good! Does the lovely young lady come with it?"

But wow, what a video.

I remember the first time I saw the Spontus 360 levitation and was completely blown away. Not long after seeing it, an illusion designer I trust told me they would not put anyone on one due to how poorly made it was. This didn't stop thousands of magicians from purchasing the expensive illusion, including magicians I love.

The Spontus illusion is a terrific-looking levitation of a spectator or assistant that can be performed 360 anywhere you like. The illusion is self-contained so you can wheel it into the middle of a room, stage, or street show.

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