Justin Willman’s 2024 Tour Dates: Where to see him live?

Looking for a magic show to take your family to this coming year? See if Netflix's Justin Willman is coming to a town near you.

Justin Willman Magic For Humans In Person Tour poster: Willman bursts through yellow paper in top hat
Justin Willman: Tour Poster

Whether he’s graced your television screen or you’ve been able to catch him live, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Justin Willman. Launching onto the scene over a decade ago with numerous talk show appearances under the name Justin Kredible, his career has flourished over time as a modern great of magic.

His Netflix show, Magic for Humans, propelled his career to new heights and helped to extend his existing tour for years to come. Here’s where Justin will be in 2024 and how you can catch his show live.

Where and when can I see Justin Willman live?

Currently, his tour dates extend out to June 7th and cover a good amount of the United States so much that it would take a few paragraphs to laundry list every location. Locations include anywhere from, Lady Lake, Florida to Sacramento, CA, and the tour even dips into Vancouver and Niagara Falls in Canada periodically. All of his shows take place in the prestige theaters of each individual city and VIP packages are available to meet Justin personally after the show.

Although Justin has been touring for years, he took a brief pause on live shows during the pandemic. During that time, he invited over 800,000 fans into his home virtually as he performed from the comfort of his living room. The show was widely popular and garnered a ton of attention from big media outlets like The Today Show and James Corden’s show.

JAN 25 THU: Lady Lake, FL, United States

FEB 2 FRI: Columbus, OH, United States

FEB 3 SAT: Tysons, VA, United States

FEB 16 FRI: Tucson, AZ, United States

FEB 17 SAT: Santa Rosa, CA, United States

FEB 18 SUN: Sacramento, CA, United States

FEB 19 MON: Vancouver, BC, Canada

FEB 22 THU: Tarrytown, NY, United States

FEB 23 FRI: Albany, NY, United States

FEB 24 SAT: Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

MAR 8 FRI: Atlanta, GA, United States

MAR 22 FRI: Dallas, TX, United States

MAR 23 SAT: Houston, TX, United States

APR 6 SAT: Denver, CO, United States

APR 12 FRI: Montclair, NJ, United States

APR 13 SAT: Huntington, NY, United States

APR 19 FRI: Chicago, IL, United States

APR 20 SAT: Royal Oak, MI, United States

MAY 11 SAT: Los Angeles, CA, United States

JUN 7 FRI: Snoqualmie, WA, United States

What does Justin Willman perform in his live shows?

When it was safe again, the show hit the road as he revived tried and true favourites like convincing a person they were invisible. A clip from his Netflix show went viral as many convincing happenings made a normal person believe they were invisible. It spurred many people to recreate the stunt in their own homes, and the genesis of the routine was born live on stage in Justin’s shows. Although you may have seen clips online, experiencing someone truly believing they are invisible live is a whole different animal.

This, of course, is just a small part of the show that has enchanted thousands of people. The beauty of Justin’s show is its accessibility to all ages while maintaining the sophistication of a big-budget touring show. His approach to magic intertwines old classics with technology to make a modern masterpiece of a show.

Check out Justin’s tour dates to see if you’re in the area for any of his upcoming shows. 2024’s full slate hasn’t been fully announced yet, so if he isn’t coming near you he could be in the very near future. Regardless of your accessibility to the live show, binging Magic for Humans is always a good idea for a lazy day, you’re bound to learn more about the intricacies of being human through the lens of magic.