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How Did Criss Angel Walk on Water? Revealed

When did Criss Angel walk on water and why? Max shares some details on the history of the illusion and why so few magicians attempt it.

Las Vegas Magician Criss Angel in sunglasses with expensive watch
Las Vegas Magician Criss Angel

While Criss Angel is often criticized by the magic community for using stooges and camera tricks, one fact is undeniable: he knows how to create great television. On June 16th, 2008, Angel walked on water in Lake Mead for an episode of his TV show “Criss Angel Mindfreak.”

15 years later, audiences still talk about it. But why?

Why Do Magicians Love the "Walk on Water" Effect?

If someone had real magic powers, it’s easy to think of what they’d do: Turn $1’s into $100s. Maybe make food appear. Fly. Or walk on water.

This is why when Angel, sporting a beard that made him resemble Jesus, walked on water, the world took notice. It was pure magic, a perfect encapsulation of childlike imagination. Angel used brilliant subtleties to turn this from a trick into a miracle. While he could’ve done this in a pool (and he has), Lake Mead increased the scale of the trick.

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