Ben Hart stole the show: Edinburgh Fringe 2023

What can magicians learn from the best magic shows at this year's festival?

Magician Ben Hart with hands held together
Magician Ben Hart

I'm at the Fringe festival as I write this post on the morning that it's going out to readers. It's my final day, and as soon as I hit publish, I'll be walking over to see Mario The Maker's show at 11:00 (he was brilliant at Blackpool this year), and then it's off to the airport to head off.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an annual month-long festival packed with comedy, circus, theatre, music and too much magic. Every pub, classroom, office and gym across the city transforms into a makeshift venue for thousands of shows and hundreds of thousands of eager audiences. 856,541 tickets were sold at the festival in 2019.

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