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A Magician Is The New Blue Peter Presenter

This is why Joel M landing the role of presenter number 41 on the longest running children's show is such good news for magic.

Blue Peter is a British children’s telly show. It’s the world's longest-running children’s telly show. It first aired in 1958, which means my parents grew up with it, and so did I. Some of the most famous live TV moments have come from the show, like this beautiful moment with a rather naughty elephant:

Almost everyone in the UK, no matter their age, will likely drop what they’re doing for the chance to win an infamous Blue Peter badge—first introduced in 1963. Children (and adults) who go on the show or achieve something notable get awarded the coveted badge. The Blue Peter badge allows holders free entry into several visitor attractions in the UK.

I watched Blue Peter and a few other shows when I was a kid. One of the other telly programmes was Dick & Dom’s In Da Bungalow — a chaotic live broadcast that gave birth to the infamous game of ‘bogies.’

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