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Who is The Masked Magician? Secret Revealed

The mysterious identity behind one of the most controversial magicians is exposed.

Val Valentino taking off his mask
The Masked Magician Reveals his Identity 

From 1997-1999, Fox aired a series called Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed. The show featured the Masked Magician who, dressed in all black and gloves, performed classics of magic, and revealed each one in detail. Given the importance of secrecy in magic, the Masked Magician took loads of backlash from the magic community, but there was one problem–nobody knew who they were criticizing. But then, in 1999, in one of the final episodes of the show, Val Valentino revealed himself.

Who is Val Valentino?

Originally born in Los Angeles in 1956, Valentino had a relatively normal upbringing for a magician, and was by no means anyone special prior to this series airing. Many magicians, understandably, turned down the show, but Valentino accepted.

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