Don't Miss This New Ben Earl Project & Collectible

Everything you need to know about the new Ben Earl card magic project and how to get yours before they're all gone.

Don't Miss This New Ben Earl Project & Collectible
Unreal Card Magic

Ellusionist are known for their Kickstarter projects targeting newbie magicians. Beginner magic sets with teachings by famous YouTubers like Chris Ramsay. This time, things are different. Their latest Kickstarter project features arguably the best card technician in the world today, and time is running out to get in on it.

Who is Ben Earl?

Ben Earl is a British magician and sleight-of-hand expert. He's fooled Penn & Teller, amazed David Blaine, had his own TV show and actually advises the secret service on ways they can use magic, too.

Speak to magicians worldwidemagic techniques, and you'll notice how often Ben's name comes up as the best of his kind. What sends Ben apart is that not only is he a great sleight-of-hand artist, but he's also a great teacher.

What is Unreal Card Magic?

Unreal Card Magic is a new Kickstarter project from Ellusionist featuring teachings from Ben Earl. They've teamed up to create the ultimate card magic course, which covers everything from crucial sleight-of-hand every magician must master to powerful magic tricks and full mind-reading routines.

To prove how strong the magic is, they flew to New York and shot live performances of everything they teach on the streets to strangers. You can tell by the reactions in the trailer just how powerful the magic is.

What sets this project aside from Ellusionist's previous ones is the standard of teaching, the quality of the teacher and the fact that the course is specifically designed for hobbyists and professional magicians alike.

What do you get?

A custom art piece for your shelf (a wooden hand that holds a deck of cards), with two decks of premium playing cards and an unreleased book hidden in its base.

You'll also get a special card with a unique code that gives you access to hours of video tutorials, covering everything from basic handling to the top 19 magic techniques - and 12 of the easiest-to-learn, most powerful card tricks on earth.

When does it end?

September 15th, 2023.

But! Many of the items are limited edition. You've already missed out on the early bird deals, and the ones left will likely sell out soon.

How do you get yours?

That's easy! Head to their Kickstarter page below and choose to back the project. You can select the tier you want and the add-ons and complete the checkout. You're only charged when the project ends, and you can change or cancel your charge anytime before September 15th – so get in and reserve your reward.

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