Mar 29, 2021 • 12M

Uri Geller Bends Canal Boat's Press Coverage Towards Himself

A Breakdown of Magicians & Publicity Stunts

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Uri and The Evergreen
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I Wanted To Write About NFTs This Week…

Those viral non-fungible-tokens that are selling for millions and may just save the magic industry altogether. Goddamit. I suppose I’ll write about those next week.

Why wait? Well, this week, a big fat boat got stuck in a canal, and amongst the press and Twitter storm surrounding said boat was a familiar name—Uri Geller.

That’s right, that clever spoon-bending mentalist demonstrated his greatest ability this week—to get free press. Not only did he manage to steer attention away from such a big story, but in doing so over his career, Uri’s got millions of dollars worth of press.

Here’s what happened, a look at magicians’ rich history with publicity stunts.

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