Feb 10, 2022 • 5M

How Magicians Send Secret Messages

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Editors in telly tend to fall into one of two categories for magic. They either adore the challenge of editing tricks—taking the time to cut around flashes and using their skills to drive the story and enhance the magic.

They feel like part of the team making the magic happen.

Or they do all of the above and brag about it—they’ll tell everyone the magician would look like a tit if it weren’t for them. I remember one such editor who told me the first time we ever met that he once “saved” a magician when he cut around a “massive error.”

The massive error was no fault of the magician and wasn’t an error. They had hidden a television screen within a speaker at the front of the stage. And it happened to be completely exposed in a wide shot from the live cut of the show.

I often think about this story when considering the types of cues to use in my work. I think the story serves as a reminder that even the most successful magicians use cues and choose their methods based upon their environments.

I also just really was not a fan of that editor.

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