Jan 6, 2022 • 10M

A Self-Working Lottery Prediction: Learn It Now!

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Man in Red shirt holding winning lottery ticket

A magician walks onto the stage looking calm, collected, and sexy AF. They hold two books in their hand. One of the two books is about the history of lotteries and the other, more excitingly, is about how to win the lottery. After delivering a compelling speech on how impossible it is to actually win the lottery, the magician invites a spectator onto the stage.

The spectator gets to choose either of the books, and they hold their selected book clamped firmly between their outstretched hands. The magician tells them they must make one more choice. It’s an important decision.

When you play the U.K. national lottery, you can choose numbers up to 59. The spectator on stage is going to choose one random number, and they’ll have plenty of time because it’s an important decision.

It’s also a decision they’ll spend the rest of their life questioning — wondering what would have happened if they’d chosen differently.

Next, the magician turns to the audience, throwing the second book down to a random spectator near the front. They stand up, hold the book before them, as instructed, and open it to a random page and remember the page number. When they’re satisfied, they throw the book to someone else in the audience. A total of five lucky audience members do the same and are left standing up.

So that’s six random numbers selected by random audience members, and one spectator stood up on stage. I think we know where this is heading.

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