Oz Pearlman Fools World-Class Athletes, But Where Will He Be Next?

Jake Strong on Pearlman's NFL series.

Illustration of magician reading news

Mentalist Oz Pearlman is one of America's most recognizable mind readers today. His consistent appearances in the media (Today Show, ESPN, podcasts, etc.) have catapulted his name to national acclaim over his decades long career. It's easy to put Oz in a box and relegate him to just a mind reader, but his career in retrospect is more multi-faceted than you may expect.

Whether you knew him from the early Penguin Magic days, as a finalist on America’s Got Talent, or just by his various television appearances, Oz has the ability to present routines in such a direct way that cuts deep for both the subject and the viewer. On top of being one of the top mind readers, Oz is also an ultra-marathon runner that has completed races up to 100 miles long.

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