How Much Money Do Pirates Steal From Magicians?

The battle between magicians and pirates.

Magician looking into magic methods illustration

A few years ago, I was added to a secret group chat with magic publishers who work together to fight magic piracy.

While it's almost impossible to get magic brands to be candid on details like marketing, manufacturing and sales, the magic publishers in this secret group chat are remarkably frank and collaborative in how they try to end piracy.

For the past few years, I have sat on the sidelines, quietly cheering on their efforts, pretending I care much more than I do – spending most of my time in the group looking for good reasons to write about it.

Then, someone called Chris Wasshuber sent a message to the group that changed everything. He'd figured out something that put magic piracy into a new perspective. It made me care a lot more.

You see, Wasshuber had run a secret experiment on one of the biggest magic pirate sites on the internet – and you won't believe his findings.

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