Luke Oseland is Selling Out the Fringe: Interview

The social media magic creator is returning to the Fringe this year with various shows. Be sure to read this new interview.

Luke Oseland is Selling Out the Fringe: Interview
Comedy Magician Luke Oseland

We're on a mission to ask every great magician the same ten questions. This week, it's the comedian and magic creator Luke Oseland. In August 2022, Luke Osey stormed the Edinburgh Fringe with his debut one-man show.

Now, Magic Circle member Luke Osey performs at comedy clubs, festivals, parties and more all over Europe. He is renowned for his ‘stand-up comedy’ style magic. Luke’s fast-paced thinking and unique approach to magic have landed him jobs writing for top magicians around the globe, such as Dynamo, Julius Dein, and Joel M. His creations and magic have been viewed almost 1 billion times.

He's on his way back to the Fringe Festival this year with his headline show, IMMATURE MAGIC. The show promises to be filled with magic, party tricks and crazy stunts. It also supposedly included "tasteful nudity". It's not to be missed if you're going to the festival this year and want to see the best up-and-coming magicians performing on stage.

If you decide you want more of Luke, he's also in a team show titled "1 Hour of Insane Magic". The show also features talented Edinburgh magicians Cameron Gibson and Elliot Bibby. Be sure to book the show early, as tickets are selling out. Its pre-sale success for a first-time show is turning heads.

Luke was kind enough to swing by and answer our questions.

When were you most starstruck?

Starstruck! I remember exactly, I was at another magician's show, and Derren Brown was standing in front of me, and I couldn't speak. I physically couldn't get a word out. He's the GOAT!

What is your favourite magic trick?

The trick I perform the most is On/Off by Nicholas Lawrence.

Who is the most famous person you could text right now?

I don't really like this question... NPH

Do you have a nickname?

Osey :)

Has a trick you perform ever gone wrong?

Oh, all the time. I had a month run of a show called 'Drunk Magic', which lends itself to going wrong.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Maybe Joe Thomas or Asa Butterfield?

How much is a pint of thumb tips?

This is one of those questions to find out if I'm a Tory or not, isn't it? I get Alan Wong's ultra HD tips, and I think they're about £2 or £3.

When were you most fooled by a magic trick?

I get fooled pretty much every day, so it's hard to tell. I get fooled pretty easily, so try not to think about it.

What books do you recommend?

Lee Hathaway's Happy Busy Magician, Rory's Only Ideas (I'm not intentionally brownnosing).

Where is the strangest place you've ever performed magic?

I consulted on a project where the magic was primarily done in water tanks at Pinewood, so I have done a lot of tricks underwater.

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