Easy Magic Trick for Kids & Beginners: Learn for Free

Online easy-to-learn tutorial for an elastic band and ring trick you can perform right now. Secret magic method: revealed!

Easy Magic Trick for Kids & Beginners: Learn for Free
Illustration of the easy-to-learn illusion.

You're looking for an easy trick you can do right now with your children. Trust me: there's nothing quite like learning and sharing some magic together. It sparks the imagination and teaches kids valuable skills. Have you ever wanted to make an object move with your mind? Don’t worry about buying an expensive magic book–you can learn exactly how to do that right here:

The Effect:

You ask to borrow a ring from your friend, parent, or sibling. Then, you break a rubber band, so it’s one long strand. You put the ring onto the broken band, holding each end in your hands. Your right hand is lower than your left, and the ring naturally sits near your right hand. Then, without ever touching the ring, it slowly, magically moves up the rubber band toward your left hand, defying gravity!

The Method:

The secret relies on two principles: friction and minor sleight of hand. A rubber band has enough friction that a ring won’t slide down if the band is held at an angle. But, how do you make the ring go up?

When you hold the rubber band in your right hand, leave some “slack” that goes past your thumb. Essentially: Don’t actually hold the rubber band at its end. Instead, with your right thumb and pointer finger, hold the rubber band with about a third of it hanging into your right hand. But, make sure that it remains hidden in your right palm!

To make the ring move up, slowly release the rubber band with your right thumb and pointer finger. The key is to be as slow as possible. If you release the rubber band quickly, you’ll be able to see the rubber band moving. But with some practice, it is a convincing illusion that the ring is moving up the rubber band.


Of course, you’ll want to have a presentation for this. Maybe you can tell people that you found the ability to move the ring from an old, secret book at the library. Or that you were bitten by a radioactive spider that gave you these secret powers. You can also just say a magic word or have your friend wave a magic wand while the ring moves!