Debunking the Uri Geller New York Times Story

Why are magicians so frustrated? Here's mentalist and psychic debunker Dustin Dean's response.

Debunking the Uri Geller New York Times Story
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If there is one positive thing I can say about self-proclaimed Psychic and Mystic, Uri Geller, is that after all these years he still has a knack for showing up in news and media when you least expect it.

A huge backlash ensues in the magic world and the public eye about Uri Geller and his longtime feud with magicians. A man whose fame was most prominent in the 70s for his claims that he could bend spoons with his mind.

The current drama isn't about his most recent stunts, like when he made an ominous and vague warning to Vladimir Putin, predicted an alien invasion, or claimed to bend and free the ship in the Suez Canal with his mind.

No - the newest drama comes from an article written by amateur magician David Segal for The New York Times. The op-ed is titled The End of the Magic World's 50-Year Grudge. The piece was a full-page cover of the printed newspaper, according to a post shared by Uri himself.