Why David Copperfield is Sending His Magic Into Space: Full Story

That's right, the billionaire illusionist is involved in a new kind of space mission.

Why David Copperfield is Sending His Magic Into Space: Full Story
David Copperfield

If you want to learn some of David Copperfield’s most treasured secrets, you’re going to have to take a trip to the moon. And before you ask, no, that is not a typo nor an exaggeration of any kind. Copperfield recently threw his hat in the ring to help add to a recently created archive that will live in our solar system until discovered. If you’re still confused, here’s everything you need to know so far.

Who organized this project to bring magic to the moon?

The Arch Mission Foundation began this journey in 2018 when a Tesla was launched into space. Inside the glove compartment of the car was an incredibly durable disk that could act as a unique digital library of humankind’s knowledge up until that point in time. Since then, the non-profit foundation has worked on multiple missions to send these disks into the universe in hopes of preserving our discoveries and advancements.

What information is getting stored on the moon disks?

The disks include a basic introduction to words and concepts in a variety of languages, along with an exploration of various subject matters. The hope is that this will ultimately preserve everything that humans have figured out about our world to be discovered by either future civilizations or extraterrestrial beings. Copperfield was recruited to add his understanding of illusion, with a few secrets being revealed.

These disks don’t only hold residence on the Moon; some are orbiting our atmosphere this very second. There are future plans to expand the reach to Mars, and ultimately it can be expected that the reach will just grow more and more with time.

Why is Copperfield sending his magic into space?

The scope of this project is incredibly unprecedented, and it only makes sense that they chose the most prolific magician of our time to contribute. Copperfield is already famous for owning what is likely the greatest collection of magic memorabilia in the world, and his wealth of knowledge has spanned his multi-decade career. It’s only fitting that he is the face of magic for what can be summed up as all of humankind’s library.