Epstein Accuser Suggests David Copperfield Knew Young Girls Were Paid to Recruit Others

Magicians can't ignore this.

illusionist david copperfield pictured outdoors in suit
David Copperfield

This was originally going to be an article about Copperfield's upcoming moon vanish stunt. Then, new details about Copperfield's ties to Epstein were unsealed last night. It seemed unfair to share One Ahead's original article without mentioning the accusations. Simply acknowledging them didn't feel right, either.

There is an element of this story which feels tied to his moon-vanish stunt. Would new details about Copperfield's knowledge of Epstein's predatory behaviours be getting quite so much public scrutiny if he wasn't about to stage a huge stunt? Well, maybe it should. It sucks, the whole thing sucks, and on balance, I think you deserve to know about it – so I'm rewriting this article last minute.

I certainly can't begin to imagine what must be happening in the desert somewhere today, as a billionaire magician is perhaps rehearsing his moon vanish while fending off thousands of requests for comment from news journalists (he has so far not responded to any publication).

Copperfield is undoubtedly a titan of magic. He dominates the Las Vegas market and is responsible for so much of how magic is perceived on a global stage. Many people reading this article will have gotten into magic after seeing David Copperfield performing his illusions – myself included.

I'm reading the news stories, and I feel myself wanting to ignore and not write about them. But I think we must, and we sort of owe it to ourselves as magicians to understand what may or may not have happened. We might not need to draw conclusions, but we should certainly be informed.

Last night, 946 pages of court documents from a 2015 lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell were unsealed - the case was settled in 2017. In details from a deposition, we're told about a dinner with Epstein, Copperfield, and one of Epstein's alleged victims.

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