A Quick Update On My New Project for Magicians

A way for magicians to reach higher-paying clients worldwide.

A Quick Update On My New Project for Magicians

The response to last week's post on my bookamagician.com project was overwhelming. Let me start with a big thank you to everyone who took a leap of faith, became a member and claimed their profile.

I planned to write about the differences between the gigs magicians get worldwide this week. In the UK, the wedding market is vast, and colleges pay magicians to perform for their students in the US.

It might sound mad to our American readers, but the idea of a college paying thousands to tens of thousands of dollars for magicians to perform is entirely unheard of elsewhere.

But then, last week, I received so many emails and feedback about the Book A Magician platform that I decided it was best to update you today. Magicians value the quality and user experience of the platform – much more than anticipated.

I spent three days last week overhauling and streamlining the website. The entire time, I was making critical decisions about the project's design, rollout and roadmap, and I was thinking to myself, I'd love to fold you into the story.

As a reminder, you can always add requests to our public roadmap, and if they get enough upvotes, I'll prioritise adding them to the platform.

So! Here is the original gameplan:

  1. Good foundations. I built a simple sitemap that was easy for Google to understand and filled it with optimised keywords for the first half of 2023.
  2. Organic Search. Add keyword and high-value content to existing pages, and build out blog posts and a backlink network in the second half of 2023.
  3. Platform features. When the site is really ranking, focus on the platform itself and the features magicians and clients need for all of 2024.

That first step was crucial; it's why most people who visit the site land directly on the magician's profile they're seeking. The site already ranks for terms like "Magician in X city", but it's the magician's profile in the Google results.

Adding your profile to the platform actually helps boost the search rankings of your own website because we link to your site, which tells Google it's trustworthy. Most magicians who already claimed their profiles said this powerful backlink was the main reason they joined.

I didn't anticipate how much magicians care about step 3, platform features. I received a bunch of emails with excellent feedback and feature requests.

Immediately, I got to work this past week. I restructured and streamlined the site. I added social proof and simplified finding magicians in the client's area. The site's goal has shifted towards securing high-paying corporate work, with a new section coming soon dedicated to corporate bookings.

Magicians wanted to be listed based on their state/area, not city, so new clients in neighbouring cities feel happy connecting and booking them. This was implemented relatively swiftly. I'm also working on requested educational tools, which help visitors understand how, when, and why to book and magician.

The key update is that the focus is platform functionality to drive up high-paying gigs. Here is the new gameplan:

  1. Good foundations. This is complete, and the site is ranking well already, but I'll continue to refine and iterate for the best results.
  2. Platform features. Better search/filter tools, plus features like a streamlined "get a quote" form with date, venue, and attendee numbers.
  3. Organic Reach. Build out a library of success stories featuring magicians on the platform and get featured on other sites across the internet.

We're building something great together!

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