Are You Confident Enough To Miscall?

Magicians who can do this always impress me

Are You Confident Enough To Miscall?

There are lots of wonderfully courageous uses of miscalls in magic, be that miscalling a written prediction or much more terrifying use cases. Whenever I see a magician or mentalist use a miscall in any form, my butt tightens, I sit up straight and adrenaline floods my system.

I’ve seen big-name magicians miscall predictions for huge audiences.

I don’t know why it makes me feel like a giddy kid, but it does.

Are they going to get away with that? I wonder.

Did they just get away with that?! I wonder next.

The most straightforward variation of a miscall gets used in the opposite manner one might expect. It’s used less as a method but as a convincer. A convincer that no method has yet taken place and that the trick’s ending is not entirely locked in.