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One Ahead is the fastest-growing magic publication in the world. Readers are professional magicians, hobbyists, collectors, and magic buyers. Our community is dedicated, passionate, and friendly.

  • 18,000+ monthly visits.
  • Growing 7% per month.
  • Respected publication.

Advertising Options

  1. Banner ads throughout the website. These will be clickable. The site gets roughly 17,000 visits per month.
  2. Email footer shoutout. These are usually included in our weekly One Ahead email, sending people to brands like Ellusionist.
  3. Podcast 30-second ad read. Simple as can be, one of our hosts will read your ad for thirty seconds in our monthly podcast.
  4. Online article. Great for that powerful backlink. We’ll share a 500-word story about your brand and push it to readers in our weekly email.
  5. Multi-email push. We’ll send a dedicated email three weeks in a row promoting your brand to all of our product release newsletter.


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